Essex Knitters and Stitchers - providing support to charities at home and abroad with lovingly hand knitted and sewn items.

There are now 67 members and 130 groups around the county knitting and stitching for charity. We support many charities from orphanages and families abroad to small projects at home. Age is no barrier - members range from the young to some well over 100. We have groups in diverse situations reflecting the whole community. Get in touch if you are interested - there's room for everyone!

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Urgently needed for International Aid Trust

BLANKETS - larger, single bed size.
JUMPERS - Long sleeved, patterned or plain for older children and adults.
CARDIGANS - For older children and adults.
WAISTCOATS - For older children and adults
SHAWLS - knitted and crochet. SOCKS - for all ages, short and knee length.
HATS - all sizes. GLOVES - all sizes. MITTENS - Full and fingerless - all sizes.
SCARVES - Older children and adult.


this hedgehog charity in North Norfolk needs lots of hedgehogs to sell for the beginning of May when it is National Hedgehog Awareness Week. This enables them to continue their rescue work.


This campaign is now in progress, please knit the tiny hats for the Smoothie bottles. Age UK get 25p for every one sold.

for various charities to sell to fundraise


fundraising for CRUS


Any size, for the Noahs Ark raising funds for John Grooms Court.


The Norfolk and Norwich hospital would like some incubator quilts. These need to be approx 128cms x 113cms. Journey bags and Baby bumpers.

2600 Knitted Midwives Needed

The Royal College of Midwives has highlighted that the UK is still short of 2600 midwives. Whilst this is an improvement on the 5000 midwives needed three years ago, this chronic shortage adds to the pressures that midwives are facing every day in their working environment. Additionally there is a 'retirement time bomb' as over a third of the current midwifery workforce is aged 50 or over.
The challenge is to create 2600 knitted or crocheted midwives. The aim is to provide a display of the knitted midwives at the Royal College of Midwives' conference in Harrogate on October 19th and 20th 2016, to demonstrate what this shortage looks like. Would any of our NkaS like to help create this display?
The pattern and details on personalising your midwife will be on the NKaS website or the following link https://knittedmidwife.wordpress.com/. We shall also have patterns available at our Open days.
If you wish tell the RCM why you created the midwife, please do so. It may be that you just love knitting or that the doll represents a special midwife you know. What does the doll mean to you? Tell them about yourself, are you a mother? Do you know a midwife?
At the end of the conference the knitted midwives will be available to anyone who would like one, in return for a donation in aid of the RCM benevolent fund. Please note it is not possible for the knitted midwives to be returned.
Rosemary Black